Eco-Action Kangaroo Island


If it weren’t for Eco-Action, KI would have:

  • Much less roadside vegetation
  • No Fly Neighbourly Agreement
  • Helicopters flying with virtually no restrictions
  • No restorative work done at Pennington Bay
  • Not received such good publicity with the 2009 Native Vegetation and Coastcare awards going to Eco-Action.

Eco-Action Kangaroo Island was set up by some concerned residents in about 1991. This was in response to the then Kingscote Council deciding to severely damage roadside vegetation. Eco-Action took the Council to court, won the first round but lost the appeal on a technicality. The final outcome was that some very sensible policies were established in relation to roadside vegetation control.

There have been many environmental issues which Eco-Action has supported in various ways. View the full story here.




    Eco Action core group meeting

    @ Rick Southgate's home

    Starts at 1pm. Open to all financial members